Vicious Ant Cyclone Top Feed AFC Set DELRIN BLACK

Vicious Ant Cyclone Top Feed AFC Set DELRIN BLACK

Now sold as a set Vicious Ant have packaged the top feed base with the AFC as the top section

Product Specs:

304 grade stainless steel & Black Delrin Tank
elevated positive and negative terminals - alleviates loose negative terminal issue, positive terminal can be adjusted
food grade insulator
forced fitted negative terminal
1mm air hole
14mm in diameter

The unit comes with a 510 connection, drip tips need to be purchased separately.

The AFC section (also known as Cyclops) fits on the bottom part of the atomizer base. The Cyclops AFC has two parts to it, the outer section rotates on the inner section - it keeps its position as you adjust it. By adjusting the air vent you shift between 0-7mm in size and this is what controls the airflow. It is possible to have two air vents open for airflow on both wicks in a dual coil situation.

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