E-Cigz Explained

An electronic cigarette, also known as an E-Cig or personal vaporizer, is a battery powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by vaporizing a liquid. This liquid contains nicotine and flavouring, the sensation it produces is similar to a traditional cigarette however nothing is actually burnt and there is no smoke. The vapour that is exhaled has the appearance of smoke however it is flavoured vapour that delivers a "throat hit" like a traditional cigarette - nothing is actually burnt.

Ecigs provide an alternative to traditional cigarettes and cigars. In an Ecig there is no tar nor the abundance of chemicals found in traditional cigarettes that help them burn. There are no odours and you can generally smoke them inside - check for local laws that may apply.

Ecigs are very easy to use and maintain. They consist of three parts being a;

-Battery ( either automatic or push button manual)
-Atomizer (the section that vaporizes the E-liquid)
-Cartridge (the section that contains the E-liquid via a foam or wicking material)

Ecigs are extremely cost efficient to run. As a rough guide a refillable cartridge can last the equivalent of eight traditional cigarettes before refilling is required. Many examples have shown you will save at least 80% on traditional smoking costs.

Below are some interesting links regarding the Ecig phenomenon and their worldwide rise in popularity as anternative to traditional tobacco smoking.

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